Sump Pump

Sump Pump and Battery Back-Up Basement Waterproofing


The most profitable and reliable ways to guide your belongings and home from water damage – particularly in your basement or crawl space area, is by installing a sump pump system in your home.


Sump pumps and wells are usually found at the lower part of your home such as basements and crawl spaces. Sump pumps are created to shove away water from the basement or crawl spaces, releasing hydrostatic density which is affecting the floor of your basement or crawl spaces.

A water sump pump is created to stop the submerging of water in the basement and crawl spaces by handling water in the sub-floor. Sump pumps are mounted in a sump well and are accountable for the outflow of water from underground which connects to a place far from the home. At times there is a sewerage mounted with the sump pumps that links with sump pump well. This “sub-floor water density control system” or “internal French drain” controls gathered water in the basement and sends it out to the sump pump well for it to be cleared away from the home completely. This process is known as sump pump system.



If you own a basement or a crawl space in your home, a drainage system and a sump pump are very compulsory in order to stop water from ruining your basement, furnishings, foundations and other personal belongings. A substantial number of foundations will involve in basement leakages within the time of their construction and 10 years of existence, due to this, all newly constructed homes are sometimes obligated to add a sump pump or sump pump system as part of the main construction. Regrettably, the sump pump system which was installed by builders while new constructions were being made fails often because of application of substandard materials and strategies and wrong installations. The agencies that handled these foundations aren’t basement waterproofing experts. Jet Dry has numerous customers that choose to have us deploy our drainage systems and sump pump in the course of construction in order to prevent future problems.



Jet Dry always suggests that a battery backup sump pump system be deployed whenever a sump pump or sump system is being activated. Connecting a battery backup sump pump will ensure protection against damages caused by water not only during precipitation and power failures, but also in the event of major sump pump failure.

For instance, when there is a power failure, the house owner will sometimes not recognize that something is wrong until water starts spilling over from the sump well into the basement or crawl space floor. Battery back-up sump pump methods assists you prevent this possible problem since the battery backup system alarm will alert you that it has been activated and has begun pump water during a power failure. Though this isn’t totally dependable since battery life differs due to amount of water and extent of power failure. Battery back-up sump pumps protect house owners from inundating during power failures.

Furthermore, a case whereby your battery back-up sump pump gets activated while power is still available at your home, it entails that something is wrong with your sump pump and you should probably check or replace it. Jet dry’s pump guarantees and quick sump pump installation aid to certify your basement is protected during major sump pump disappointments.

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