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Homes or offices can be infested with mold very fast as long as there is presence of water, such as a plumbing leak or roof leakage. With as little as 2 – 3 days mold can spread all through the home, and is capable of producing irritants and allergens which has the tendency of causing other health issues.

If you are suspicious about the presence of mold in your home or office, JET DRY WATERPROOFING experts can scrutinize and evaluate your property. And if there is presence of mold, JET DRY WATERPROOFING has the equipment and skills to handle the problem.mold monster character

Please make use of our Mold Damage Tips to acquire more knowledge about mold and what you should do until you find assistance.


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Tiny mold bacteria’s are present virtually everywhere, indoors and outdoors, making it very difficult to completely eradicate mold from a particular property. Some renovation organizations publicize “mold removal” and even promise to eradicate all molds which are misconceptions. The following are facts about mold:

  • Mold exists virtually everywhere, both outdoors and indoors.
  • Mold bacteria are very tiny and glide in the air, and may perhaps get inside your house through doors, windows, or the AC/heating systems or may even catch a ride indoors by hanging on clothes or on your pet.
  • Mold bacteria grow well on moisture. Mold bacteria can grow very fast into colonies when open to water.
  • Before the removal of mold can commence, any causes of moisture or dampness must be handled. Or else, the mold might resurface.
  • Mold frequently generates a tough, musty odor and can result to potential mold issues.
  • Also, increased humidity in the interior of the home can support the growth of mold. Maintain 45 percent of indoor humidity.


  1. They are swift to respond to any magnitude of water disaster.
  2. Jet Dry Waterproofing experts are keen on giving you a quick response when you get in touch with them – swift response reduces the damage, lessens cost and limit additional problems.
  3. They’re extremely qualified mold removal experts
  4. They focus on mold and water damage reinstatement, which is the foundation of their business.
  5. JET DRY WATERPROOFING experts have the knowledge and ability to address any mold-related problem.
  6. Applied Structural Technician
  7. Water Damage Technician


Within just 2 days, mold could speedily become an issue in your house or office when there is an intrusion of water, like a roof leakage or a leak in the water line. Mold can result to health problems and can also lead to substantial damage to your home.

JET DRY WATERPROOFING experts have the ability, protective tools and specified equipment needed to address your mold issues.

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  • Avoid places which are affected.
  • Switch off the fans and HVAC system.
  • Call a JET DRY WATERPROOFING expert for the reversal or stopping of mold.


  • Do not bother or touch the mold.
  • Do not blow air on any surface with suspected or visible growth of mold.
  • Do not try to clean the area yourself.
  • Do not apply bleach or any other disinfectants on mold.


Stachybotrys Chartarum is the kind of mold mostly referred to as “BLACK MOLD” or “TOXIC MOLD”. Some unbelievable broadcast warns about the risks and threats of black mold and this news can be confusing and shocking. Any form of mold in your property should be handled with caution – avoid places which are affected and do not bother or touch the mold.

Please make use of our Mold Damage Tips to acquire more knowledge about mold and what you should do until you find assistance.


As several kinds of mold can generate irritants and allergens, you should get in touch with an experienced mold removal organization irrespective of the type and color of mold. In several cases, numerous kinds of mold can be present in the same building or house. If you are suspicious about the presence of mold, call a JET DRY WATERPROOFING expert fast. Click here to contact a JET DRY expert.

If you come across mold signs – Contact us:  610-364-5647

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They did work at our house prob 8 years ago and the job still looks 100%. I am a total neat freak and just new the place be horrible with dust and debris. IT WASNT!!! Spotless!!! I am very proud of those guys. Fast and clean. Not to mention we are dry 100%. Any of you are more than welcome to our home for your inspection. I am still impressed.
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From the very first moment making an appointment for an estimate to the very last moment when they drove out of the drive way, every person that I spoke with on the staff was knowledgeable, courteous and professional. Awesome Job!
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