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When it regards your home, you should continuously utilize the assistance of a waterproofing firm that you trust. Jet Dry Waterproofing has been maintaining and waterproofing basements and crawl spaces in PA and Pennsylvania for over 50 years now, and in subsequent 50 years continuity is rest assured. We are dedicated to provide you with the same quality service which our elated clients have witnessed over the past four decades.

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Jet Dry Waterproofing has qualified and united waterproofing workers that are reliable, competent and dedicated to deliver the best waterproofing services and materials which are specially created for your needs. We start with a complete home evaluation for free such as evaluating the external areas of your home while other waterproofing organizations would only focus on the interior. Every one of our qualified workers is meant to pass through a long training process with the best waterproofing techniques and materials. Our waterproofing experts know Pennsylvania codes and weather pattern that would suit your home. We know every characteristic of waterproofing while other waterproofing organizations make use of just one product and technique. We are here cheering on the “Steelers and Pirates” in Pittsburgh and the “Eagle and Phillies” in Philadelphia the same way as you. Jet Dry Waterproofing understands that Pennsylvania is important than the Liberty Bell, and so waterproofing is of more importance than patching a seepage.

To be precise, our devotion to performance and outcome is seen by Better Business Bureau with the best rating which they awarded to us. Don’t allow your issues extend any further. Call Jet Dry Waterproofing today and witness the reasons why we were given an A+ rating.

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Great job! I'm impressed by the high quality communication and immaculate work! They were not only amazing at their job, they were also ready to provide exceptional customer service. Would definitely recommend Jet Dry Water Proofing!
Sean H.
It really is unbelievable how quickly and neatly they finish. We have had a crazy amount of rain since our basement was completed and there has not been a drop of water in our basement. We are extremely happy with the results and in our opinion Jet Dry Water Proofing has put together a team of employees and a product that simply cannot be beat.
Fiona H.
Workers were very professional, everything has been working well for over a year. Thanks soo much for the amazing job!
Hannah B.
They just did our basement and they were amazing! They went above and beyond our expectations. The crew was great! They were hard workers and very respectful! I highly recommend them!!
Adrenal D.
They did work at our house prob 8 years ago and the job still looks 100%. I am a total neat freak and just new the place be horrible with dust and debris. IT WASNT!!! Spotless!!! I am very proud of those guys. Fast and clean. Not to mention we are dry 100%. Any of you are more than welcome to our home for your inspection. I am still impressed.
Alex M.
From the very first moment making an appointment for an estimate to the very last moment when they drove out of the drive way, every person that I spoke with on the staff was knowledgeable, courteous and professional. Awesome Job!
Sera B.