How To Get Started With Basement Waterproofing! 


Hi, I’m Bill!

Owner of Jet Dry Waterproofing 

The experts at Jet Dry Waterproofing take their job very serious (but we live life with a smile)  Our clients in Philadelphia and New Jersey are being handled like a paying customer should be handled, Not like you’re our family (We all know how that goes!).

What to expect when scheduling a quote

  • When estimating a free quote, we request that 60 to 90 minutes of thorough checkup be spent with you at the time of the estimate.
  • We request to speak to all decision makers or homeowners at that period so that any possible question or worries that may arise can be solved for both parties.
  • It’s likely that a waterproofing may not be needed at all. Our inspector will come to your home to evaluate the problem. 
  • Our inspector will take measurements, create a quote and then guide you through the variety of solutions, and help you choose the best long-term solution at the best price. 
  • If an extensive renovation is needed in your home, we will work together with you to guarantee an appropriate waterproofing solution designed to fit your home.
  • Our qualified inspector can assist you in deciding the best solution to safeguard your basement, foundation, or crawl space from issues regarding ground water disruption, mold, and total collapse.

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