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Hi, It’s Bill,

I think it’s safe to say we all understand how important your home foundation is and anything that would compromise that would  possibly have you homeless.

And… would also make your home Almost impossible to sell.

Unresolved foundation problems become catastrophic losses!

Remember when they built your home? (probably not)

They had to dig deep into the ground to pour your foundation. During that process, they displaced tons of soil and once your home was finished they pushed in back.  One thing though…

There is no way they could pack it in as solid as it was before they dug it up.  That means the soil is loose and acts as a large Dam for water to build up.

It’s also important to note that most insurance companies do not cover basement flood issues (unless you have flood insurance)

If your foundation is destroyed by constant water pressure your insurance company has a good case to NOT PAY.

foundation repair company, Pennsylvania

(Over The Top example of water pressure outside your foundation wall)


Hey, bill you’re Scaring ME! 🙁 

Ok..ok… Sorry!

I needed to get that clear before we go into what we can do to fix this


Bill, What do I need to know about Foundation Issues and Water?

What you might consider is that solid foundations can be subject to pressure from hydrostatic water density because of how groundwater interrelates with the soil around your home and later, with the foundation.

Oftentimes, the force from this hydrostatic density can be sufficient to cause structural damage to the foundation. The expansion of the ground during winter’s freezing and melting period can also add huge pressure on the foundation. Although some openings in the foundation can structurally be non-threatening due to normal balancing of the home after construction, further serious openings pose a threat to your foundation.

basement foundation repair

Bill, I have had enough and want a Free Inspection (ASAP) !

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Renovation and inspection of your foundation is highly essential to prevent the possibility of further damage and disastrous failure of the foundation.

Our foundation repair team and waterproofing experts can assess and resolve your foundation issues, be it made out of cinder block, bricks, poured concrete or stone. We are capable of stabilizing problems ranging from cement openings and swerved blocks to curved walls and unbalanced structures. Jet Dry deploys I-beams, carbon fiber reinforcement strips, wall pins, underpinning solutions, including numerous solutions specially created for your condition.Call Us at 610-364-5647

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Great job! I'm impressed by the high quality communication and immaculate work! They were not only amazing at their job, they were also ready to provide exceptional customer service. Would definitely recommend Jet Dry Water Proofing!
Sean H.
It really is unbelievable how quickly and neatly they finish. We have had a crazy amount of rain since our basement was completed and there has not been a drop of water in our basement. We are extremely happy with the results and in our opinion Jet Dry Water Proofing has put together a team of employees and a product that simply cannot be beat.
Fiona H.
Workers were very professional, everything has been working well for over a year. Thanks soo much for the amazing job!
Hannah B.
They just did our basement and they were amazing! They went above and beyond our expectations. The crew was great! They were hard workers and very respectful! I highly recommend them!!
Adrenal D.
They did work at our house prob 8 years ago and the job still looks 100%. I am a total neat freak and just new the place be horrible with dust and debris. IT WASNT!!! Spotless!!! I am very proud of those guys. Fast and clean. Not to mention we are dry 100%. Any of you are more than welcome to our home for your inspection. I am still impressed.
Alex M.
From the very first moment making an appointment for an estimate to the very last moment when they drove out of the drive way, every person that I spoke with on the staff was knowledgeable, courteous and professional. Awesome Job!
Sera B.