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You’re Probably wondering what you “need” to know about basement waterproofing so you can make an informed decision on what type of waterproofing method will fit your need best.

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Why is my basement flooding or always damp and stinky?


Good news… it’s not your fault!

Due to common soil circumstances around the Mid-Atlantic region, throughout Delaware, Washington D.C, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland, a majority of houses are inclined to basement waterproofing problems.

So let’s get slightly technical for a moment.

After a downpour of rain, hydrostatic force causes water to penetrate your basement via edges of the foundation, cracked cement ,ground, walls, stairwell areas, window wells and even absorbent concrete.


Bill, why does this happen?

Well, the soil which is dug and filled back again around your basement is capable of taking in lots of water during lengthy rainfall. During precipitation, ground water trails through the pathway of least resistance from the covered clay far away from your home to the loose soil that’s next to your foundation. This generates hydrostatic force that leads to the basement waterproofing issues.

If you have forgotten everything you just read 🙁 then here are some bullet points

Things you need to know:

• Basement leakages are instigated by underground water and hydrostatic force when it rains heavily and during snow melts.
• Basement waterproofing issues are customary in homes around the mid-Atlantic region.
• Basement waterproofing is suggested for underground water-path because foundations for homes aren’t built to be waterproof.
• A one-size-fits-all solution for underground waterproofing is irrelevant here because repairs are distinctive to each home.

Hey Bill…. What’s the solution?

To be general in my answer there are a few different basement waterproofing solutions (all depends on your specific problem)

Below I have used these cool content tabs… this will save you time reading up on some of the waterproofing solutions that we might use during your project. Sometimes we use them all, and sometimes we just need 1.

The first and most popular way is by waterproofing from the inside making use of a French drain (System that reduces hydrostatic force). It is inexpensive this way than doing the waterproofing from the outside. The idea of French drain is already a major talking point in the media, around the Delaware County, Pennsylvania.
The second system of waterproofing a building is from the outside by closing the exterior walls underneath the ground area by deploying and setting up a membrane or coating. By digging deep inside the foundation and closing up all exterior walls from the outside is the only way this can be achieved. The whole exterior walls all the way down reaching the floor is to be sealed or covered from the outside so as to enable the effectiveness of this waterproofing method.
Sump pumps and wells are usually found at the lower part of your home such as basements and crawl spaces. Sump pumps are created to shove away water from the basement or crawl spaces, releasing hydrostatic density which is affecting the floor of your basement or crawl spaces.
Jet Dry always suggests that a battery backup sump pump system be deployed whenever a sump pump or sump system is being activated. Connecting a battery backup sump pump will ensure protection against damages caused by water not only during precipitation and power failures, but also in the event of major sump pump failure.

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As an expert and qualified basement waterproofing company, Jet Dry technicians and inspectors have the proficiency of diagnosing the basement drainage problems your home is facing and ensure they are immediately and effectively repaired in the right manner the first time.

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